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Lundin Oil: Libyen och Sudan i fokus - Affärsvärlden

LUNDIN OPERATIONS IN SUDAN (1997–2003) In February 1997, Lundin signed an agreement with the Government of Sudan to explore for oil in an area called Block 5A, in the then southern part of Sudan in Unity State, an area that today belongs to the independent state of South Sudan. Lundin Oil is suspected of funding the Sudanese army and several militias to chase away local populations from regions where the company planned to carry out oil exploration. According to aid organisations, oil activities in the politically unstable region of southern Sudan fuelled a conflict between Khartoum and rebels. Lundin Energy is committed to creating shareholder value. Our aim is to provide all our investors with comprehensive and accurate information. Sweden OKs trial of Lundin Oil execs for Sudan war crimes Date: 18 Oct 2018 Content Type: Article; Prosecution of Lundin Petroleum board members in Sweden over alleged complicity in human rights abuses in Sudan may start early 2018 Date: 16 May 2017 Content Type: Article; Lundin Petroleum officials to be questioned on possible complicity in According to a report published by a coalition of NGOs, the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS), in 1997, Lundin Petroleum {then Lundin Oil} signed a contract with the Government for the exploration and production of oil in a war zone in southern Sudan, the Block 5A concession, which was not at that time under full Government control.

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Meny. Primär meny 4 Dec 2018 Fortunes have been made by striking oil in risky places. prosecutors, according to the top two officials at Sweden's Lundin Petroleum AB of a charge of aiding and abetting war crimes in southern Sudan from 1997 A comprehensive overview of the role of the Lundin Consortium in the oil war. ECOS calls upon the Swedish, Austrian and Malaysian governments to investigate  In November 2017, Lundin Petroleum's CEO Alex Schneiter and Chair Ian Lundin were identified as suspects of aiding and abetting war crimes in Sudan. Shortly after Lundin Petroleum was awarded its contract for Block 5A in southern Sudan, the company's operations were accused of participating in crimes against   13 Nov 2018 directors within Swedish oil company Lundin Oil, and later within Lundin Petroleum, in Sudan (now South Sudan) between 1998 and 2003. 10 Jul 2020 South Sudan is being pursued in an East African court over This alleged Lundin Petroleum may have been complicit in allowing war crimes  24 Feb 2021 Introduction Lundin Petroleum obtained the rights to explore for and produce oil and gas in concession Block 5A, Unity State, Sudan,  23 Mar 2001 That Lundin's very presence as an oil operator was fuelling the Sudanese government's campaign of civilian displacement around the oil fields. 28 Feb 2020 One example of this is the potentially precedent setting court case against Swedish oil company, Lundin Petroleum for war crimes and crimes  Lundin Sudan Limited is the Swedish company which was the operator of the consortium granted the rights to develop Block 5A, largely located south of Bentiu in  15 Mar 2019 The Commission noted that during the period of business activity by Lundin Oil in South Sudan, “widespread and serious human rights violations  The final agreement that gave Lundin the right to search for oil in Block 5A was signed on 6 February 1997.

A Lundin subsidiary, IPC, was head of the consortium set up to explore the 5A oil … In June 2010, the Swedish Prosecution Authority initiated a preliminary investigation into Lundin’s activities in southern Sudan from 1997 to 2003 in an area called Block 5A, where we operated as part of a consortium formed with the Malaysian company Petronas, the Austrian company OMV and the Sudanese company Sudapet. Lundin Petroleum, som tidigare hette Lundin Oil, misstänks för att mellan 1997-2003 ha begått folkrättsbrott, genom att bland annat ha gett ekonomiskt stöd till militär som under pågående Lundin Petroleum bildades ur Lundin Oil som 1997–2003 bedrev verksamhet i södra Sudan, där ett inbördeskrig rasade.

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Samtidigt rasade ett blodigt inbördeskrig i regionen och bolaget har anklagats av organisationer som FN, Amnesty och Human Rights Watch för att ha förvärrat situationen genom att bedriva prospektering i området. 2019-03-15 Victims hopeful in Lundin case.

Lundin oil sudan

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Nu talar han ut om anklagelserna i  Ian Lundin, ordförande för Lundin Petroleum (tidigare Lundin Oil), höll nyligen en till grovt folkrättsbrott från tiden då Lundin Oil var verksamma i Sudan. Bengt Nilsson: Desinformation om Lundins roll i Sudan Ian Lundin och Alex Schneiter från Lundin Petroleum är delgivna misstanke om brott  Lundin Oil och Lundin Petroleum), samt Lundin Energys vd Alex Schneiter. Brottet de misstänks för är medhjälp till grovt folkrättsbrott i Sudan  Lundin Petroleum och dess chefer har krävt insyn i åklagarens av handlingar från brottsutredningen som rör Lundins roll i Sudan under åren  Press på Lundin Petroleum om Sudan. Svenska banker har i många år investerat i det kontroversiella oljebolaget Lundin Petroleum.

Lundin oil sudan

Lundin Petroleum, som tidigare hette Lundin Oil, bedrev sin hårt kritiserade verksamhet i södra Sudan mellan åren 1997 och 2003.
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Lundin oil sudan

On March 5, 2001, Lundin Oil put announced in a press release entitled, “Lundin Strikes Oil in Sudan,” that its drilling at the Thar Jath-1 well (Ryer) resulted in “a significant oil Men sanningen om Lundins agerande i Sudan kommer vi aldrig att få veta. De vittnen som vet vad som hände tiger som muren, skriver journalisten och Afrikakännaren Bengt Nilsson. 2016-11-01 2020-10-19 2010-06-13 Lundin Petroleum (tidigare Lundin Oil) bedrev oljeprospektering i södra Sudan mellan 1997 and 2003. Ett förödande inbördeskrig rasade då i landet, vilket orsakade två miljoner människors död och resulterade i oräkneliga antal sårade, våldtagna och hemlösa. 2021-04-06 Analysis - Lundin Group, a group of natural resource companies that includes a Swedish oil company facing allegations of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity in South Sudan Lundin’s alleged involvement in international crimes in South Sudan.

We focus on value creation for our shareholders and wider stakeholders through three strategic pillars: Resilience, Sustainability and Growth. In May 1998, IPC, a Canadian corporation, was folded into its parent, Lundin Oil AB, 266 a Swedish corporation owned by a “well-known name in the oil business, the Geneva-based oil and minerals Carl Bildt, 65, är en av de styrelseledamöter som ska förhöras i utredningen av Lundin Oils medverkan till folkrättsbrott i dåvarande Sudan. Det bekräftar flera av varandra oberoende källor för Expressen. – Han ska kallas till förhör, uppger flera av varandra oberoende källor för Expressen. Carl Bildt själv hänvisar frågor till utredarna.
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Företrädare för Lundin Petroleum misstänks för medhjälp till grovt 2003 när företaget letade efter olja i Sydsudan (dåvarande södra Sudan). Huvudanklagelserna mot Lundin Petroleum, som tidigare gick under namnet Lundin Oil, gäller Sydsudan, och det finns omfattande rapporter  Lundin Oil leder ett konsortium som erhåller rättigheter att prospektera efter olja i området ”Block 5A”, i södra Sudan, i dag Sydsudan. Området  Mitt under brinnande inbördeskrig letade Lundin Petroleum olja i södra Sudan. Det har gått 16 år sedan bolaget lämnade landet – men  Ian Lundin, ordförande i Lundin Petroleum, kan åtalas för medhjälp till grovt folkrättsbrott i södra Sudan. Nu talar han ut om anklagelserna i  Ian Lundin, ordförande för Lundin Petroleum (tidigare Lundin Oil), höll nyligen en till grovt folkrättsbrott från tiden då Lundin Oil var verksamma i Sudan.

1361 Lundin Oil, “Report for the three months ended 31 March 2001,” Stockholm, May 10 Visades i SVT:s Agenda 2001. Ett reportage som handlar om Lundin Oil i södra Sudan och den väg som bolaget lät bygga. Reportaget gav upphov till en våldsam d DEBATT.
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Lundin: Peta åklagaren i stort folkrättsmål – Affärsliv

WAR IN BLOCK 5A 1520 3.1 The commencement of oil exploitation by the Lundin Consortium sparks war in Block 5A: 1997–1999 23 3.2 Oil is discovered amidst intense violence: 2000 – 2001 30 Lundin Oil AB, Vancouver, announced Thursday a Sudan appraisal well drilled 3.1 km from the Thar Jath-1 discovery established 100 m of net pay. Lundin Sudan Ltd., a Swedish oil company, is October 21, 2016 (JUBA) – A Swedish oil company, Lundin Petroleum, which operated in Sudan and the then Southern Sudan’s oil rich Unity state in the past, has been investigated for being The Unpaid Debt project . In November 2006, a group of South Sudanese civil society organisations attending the conference ‘Oil and the Future of Sudan in Juba’ called upon the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS) to assist in safeguarding the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The Agreement had established a material right to compensation for injustices related to oil exploitation, but Sweden's Lundin Petroleum said it has begun exploratory drilling in southern Sudan, five years after selling up large parts of its interests in the region amid criticism from human 2018-12-05 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators BP is not the only oil company in trouble these days. A report by an NGO that accuses Lundin Petroleum, a Swedish-owned company based in Geneva, of being complicit in war crimes committed in Sudan has led a public prosecutor in Sweden to open an investigation into whether any of Lundin's Swedish employees broke the law. 2018-10-26 Talisman Energy agreed to purchase Swedish oil company Lundin Oil, its neighbour in Sudan, for $ 529-mm in cash in a complex three-way deal that could pave … Lundin Petroleum AB is formed as a result of the takeover of Lundin Oil AB by Canadian independent Talisman Energy. With the management and corporate technical team from Lundin Oil and exploration assets in Sudan, Iran and an equity investment in Russian oil company KMOC, Lundin Petroleum is listed on the New Market in Sweden in September 2001.